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Welcome to the Long Quan Dao Wu Guan- Way of the Dragon Fist Kung Fu School's official site!


Our aim

Our aim is not to compete in competitive sports, nor train professional fighters, but to train in the ancient ways of martial arts- which is beyond age, gender and race.
We give our students an opportunity to get acquainted with inner harmony, healthy eating habits and lifestyle, Chinese traditions, life approach and our wisdom - philosophy system.


Our branch is a Dragon style Martial art system.

Main features: 

  • Personalized and tailored to your needs

  • Open mindedness which is allows for the continuous development of the style

  • Breathing exercises or Chi Kung - fighting applications of internal strength exercises

  • Full contact fighting system (punches, kicks, grappling, chin na)

  • Continuously flowing, dynamic, powerful movements

  • Dragon claw, push/pulls techniques,

  • Various weapons

  • Taolu (forms)

  • Martial Arts theory

In addition to combat, Chi Kung plays an important role, advanced meditation techniques, healing and massage techniques and the Buddhist philosophical knowledges. It is how we connect the external and internal path.

It provides value that ultimately brings about quality changes in lifestyle.


Our Training

First of all this system gives students effective self-defence knowledge and after the external way it tries to guide them the internal way as well. It takes into consideration everyone’s individual abilities and the education is adapted to this.


Main elements of our training:

  • stretching

  • strength exercises with bodyweight and equipment

  • exercise techniques independently and partner

  • sparring (from non contact to full contact)

  • ground fighting (grappling)

  • weapons

  • forms (taolu)

  • qigong (chi Kung)

  • body conditioning

  • first aid

  • meditation

  • philosophy, theory

  • anatomy

  • massage

  • acupressure

  • other alternative therapies


A typical training session  begins with a warm-up and stretching. Beginners first learn to stand, to move, to fall, simply and effectively to defend and to attack. They learn the basic techniques one by one, and in combinations. This gives them an easy to learn and effective self-deffence base as a first step. 

After learning the basics of the struggle, students can learn about qigong exercises (eg. Da Mo Wai Dan, Ba Duan Jin), the basics of meditation (Buddhist-Taoist). The advanced student,will be able to combine all their knowledge to try more interesting forms of movement. They are going to learn the concepts of Dragon Style Movements, combat applications of the style’s special techniques, to use of certain hand weapons, and all their knowledge into their own martial arts style. The ultimate goal is to develop an effective, individual martial arts in the practitioner.

In addition, the teaching of healing begins very early. First, the disciple learns how to handle injuries that have occurred in training,  and then, following the general first aid knowledge, we will be able to get to know more about alternative healing techniques. 

With the work of years and decades, the combination of the above internal and external practices means the perfection of the Dragon style. 

Dragon Style.jpg

The Dragon Style

The Long Quan Dao is a Dragon style. However, it is important to state that there is no direct connection with the ancient shaolin dragon movements. While the latter had only one element of the dragon's animal form, and the whole system with the other four, the symbol animal of our dicipline alone gives a complete movement context.

The Long Quan Dao honors the dragon as a symbol animal.

It provides both internal and external examples for practitioners: 

„The dragon is a mythological creature, so no one has ever seen a dragon alive; the movement, the quality, the form was made up by wise people and artists. In the chinese folklore it is one of the four creatures having a soul, besides the turtle, phoenix and the unicorn. It’s a mixed creature, with more animals’ quality.  According to an ancient clerk’s notes it has a head of a camel, horns of a deer, ears of a buffalo, eyes of a demon, a neck of a snake, a stomach of a shell, scales of a carp,  nails of an eagle and a paws of a tiger. The chinese dragon, unlike the europian, is never evil. You don’t have to and you aren’t able to win against it, you can only propitiate. It is usually helpful, wise and generous. (...) The moving of the dragon is snake-like, flowing, rapid changing like the wind, their nails hold tough like an eagles’ and like that, it is able to have a tough catching at one moment and in the other it can lead-away easily then quickly have a powerful hit. Its tail, like a stiff whip hits at the most impossible and unexpected moment. Its’ face is  inextricable, but you can feel the power and wisdom from it. Its body is straight but continually flowing at the same time , that’s why its movements and actions  are unpredictable. There is no law, rule, stereotype which it can be sorted in. It gives the life back in every moment.” (quote from our syllabus) 

In terms of dragon style, we can not speak of a single, coherent movement concept. There is not a single style in the wider world of martial arts, which can be called the „Dragon Style”. Many schools have chosen this popular mix creature as their ideal, so there are several types of dragon styles. 

The Long Quan Dao means the Way of the Dragon Fist. The name covers a martial arts dicipline which is fundamentally dynamic and recipient so it is constantly developing and evolving. The knowledge of higher level practitioners allows the creation of new techniques and solutions taking into account efficiency. In the history of our school, many such solutions have been born and died.

This is how the style and practitioner are shaped to each other as the most appropriate way.


Activate Your Mind

Kung Fu Training are designed solely with the student in mind. Our Kung Fu Training provide students with a thorough understanding of the material, so that they are able to tackle problems in the real world. We want our students to keep an open mind, and have fun throughout their experience at Long Quan Dao Kung fu.



During this pandemic period we have just online classes. 
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